Five Pieces Of Advice On Structuring A Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is one of the easiest pieces of writing that you may ever come across. This is because there is nothing complicated about it and you do not have to spend much time in the library searching for ideas or hiring a last minute essay writing service since you can use your own personal experiences. Every time you see a narrative essay always be glad since this is a chance for you to score highly. Once you have the story, all you need is the structure and if you have no clue of how a narrative is structured then feel free to go through the points below.

The title page

This contains the school name, your name, registration number, assignment given, the date of submission and the name of the lecturer. This serves to introduce yourself to the reader and what you are going to write on. The format may however vary depending on the institution that you are in and if you have hired an essay writing service, it is good that you inform them on the institution requirements. No marks may be awarded in this part but it is important that you include it.

Write a brief introduction

An introduction helps three purposes and they include, it provides guidance to the reader what they are going to write about, it serves like a hook to capture the reader’s attention and lastly, it binds together the thesis statement. In the case of a narrative, you introduce the characters, the setting, the time the story took place and whether it is a personal experience or fiction.

Craft a descriptive body

This is where you now develop your story, create a crisis, get the crisis to a climax then solve the problem. In such cases there is always a hero who emerges the winner and a villain who becomes vanquished. Arrange your work in paragraphs and a different event should be covered in each of the paragraphs. Try as much as possible to be clear so that your story can be well understood. Stylistic devices and other decorative languages can be used to avoid monotony and to spice up your work. You must also vary your sentences for the purposes of neatness. In this part, you may make a lot of mistakes and that is why it is advisable that once you are done, you can then hire professional editing service providers.


This marks the end of your story. In this case you will give the moral of the story. This is what you learnt from the experiences and what it teaches your audience. Some of the morals may be, never to steal again, always wake up early to school and look left and right before crossing among others. A good story should have a good moral. Bad morals may annoy the marker and make him or her deduct you some marks. Your conclusion should be brief. If you have a problem with coming up with a good conclusion seek the best essay editing service to help you out.

Citations and references

If you used any words that belong to a different source, it is good that you cite it. The format will also depend on the institution. If you want to learn more about these formats, get samples from college essay services . If you do not cite your work that may amount to plagiarism and it would mean that you are risking revocation of your paper or worse still a jail term.