Vital things to remember about writing good essays

Composing a good essay is not as tough a task as many students mistake it to be. The reason why many students do not achieve high marks in their papers is due to not utilizing good writing habits, and having poor writing techniques. Many times, your writing techniques are more important than the actual content of your work. If you can adopt good writing habits and learn good techniques then you greatly increase the likelihood of achieving excellent marks for your work. Here are a completed list of steps to follow for college students:


A very important aspect many students entirely neglect. A good plan can greatly elevate the quality of your work. The reason why a plan is so important is due to the fact it become a frame of reference for you to refer back to when you are writing your work.

Many times, students will have a brilliant idea to write about in their work, but by the time they get to actually writing it, it escapes their mind. This can cost you valuable hours trying to remember the brilliant idea you had. Thus, if you jot this down you will not have to deal with this problem.

The best way to plan is to write what you aim to discuss in each paragraph. This creates a condensed version of your paper that is easy to reference when you are writing. Creating a good schedule is another vital aspect of planning. You should start well ahead of time and create goals for yourself to reach leading up to your deadline.

Writing Style

Academic writing consist solely of formal language, and so you should never use informal language or colloquialism. A mistake many students make is thinking that their writing needs to consist of formal and overly long vocabulary; the main thing is to make sure your writing is concise and easy to understand.

Your paragraphs shouldn’t be too long, a bit like this article you are reading. Also, try to avoid using personal language such as ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘myself’.


The structure of your paper is extremely important. Your writing should be logical and easy to read for your audience. Many students think that the content of their work takes precedence over the structure, but they are mistaken. Many papers with excellent content, but poor structure, are graded low by professors.

  • Introduction: Your introductory paragraph should set the tone and the reader should know what you will be discussing. It should create an outline for your writing, so the reader knows what to expect.
  • Main Body: These paragraphs are where you will present your argument and, if relevant, your research and sources. Remember to ensure that these paragraphs flow well from each other and make your writing easy to understand.
  • Conclusion: The concluding paragraph should be a synopsis for your paper. Reiterate your main talking points, as this is the last thing your reader will see.


Editing and proof reading are a huge aspect of paper writing that many students entirely ignore. You need to proof read your work carefully, as you will have made many mistakes that need ironing out. A good online essay writer can help you with that. When proof reading, you need to look for the following:

  • Grammar and punctuation
  • If you have referenced the correct sources
  • You have a easy to follow structure to your work

These are the vital things to remember when composing an essay. These are easy to forget, hence why they have made our recommendations. If you follow our tips, then you will be well on the way to achieving a high mark in your work.