Tips on gun control essay with pro and against points of view

The approach should not be different from what is obtained in the argumentative essay outline. Students are expected to begin with an introduction that will highlight what the essay is all about. Three-body paragraphs with different points of view should follow.

The first paragraph should dwell on the first supporting reason. The second should follow the same pattern with the second supporting line of arguments. The last of the three should be used to air the opinion of the pro-gun supporting arguments. 

Defining the topic 

You have to understand the topic and go all out to define it to your readers in order to get their attention. Giving reliable facts and figures will excite your Instructors and will whip up sentiments in the minds of your readers. 

According to the Guardian in 2016, in the US, there are 265 million guns with 242 million adults in the country. Half of the guns have 3% of the adult population. The stats are worse in 2020; hence the need for gun controls measures. The stats given here will add value to your essay.

Your essay title

You have to be at your creative best here if you wanted to get the results that mattered. Do not rush to label your work; your title should stand out; it must look distinct from the rest if you want to create the impression that will give you the results that mattered. You can draw inspiration from examples online before giving a title to your gun control essay.

Where do you stand?

There are two sides to the same coin here. You are either a pro-gun advocate or the other way around. You have to take a stand between the two from the onset and it should be reflected in your paper. 

After you have taken a definite stand, make deep research into your line of argument, and bring out the hard facts that you needed to get the results that mattered. You can now begin the essay outline at this point.

Your Outline

The standard outline for this type of essay topic includes an introduction; the body of the essay and a conclusion. 

The best way to write the introduction is, to begin with, a thesis statement that will serve as a hook that will catch the attention of your readers. Go on to describe what the article is all about. If you can make the impression here, it will make your readers read through the entire article.

The body of the essay should be in paragraphs that will give a supporting fact on your line of argument. Make sure every point you are making here is backed by hard facts. There should be consistency in the flow among the paragraphs. 


You are expected to end powerfully. The summary of the main ideas that you have stated should be included here. It is expected that you use this opportunity to convince the readers of the importance of the facts you have mentioned towards a peaceful co-existent.

Final thoughts

The above brief will give every student the edge in their desire to write a perfect gun control essay.