Easy Essay Writing Lessons: Grammar And Stylistics

To avoid unnecessary penalization, it would be wise or you to observe grammar. Stylistic devices decorate you work and give the reader zeal to read your work. If you want to know how to apply them you can get assistance from best online essay writer service There are many aspects of grammar and stylistics but due to unavoidable circumstances, we have only managed to mention a few that will be helpful to you when crafting your essay.


  1. Tenses
  2. There are various types of tenses. Depending on the essay, choose the right tense. For example when writing a narrative, the past tense is always preferred. There are however some essays that will require other tenses such as the present or future tense. Do not mix up tenses as this may make your work to lack clarity. If you have hired an essay writer service no plagiarism, closely work with them to ensure that the tenses have been correctly written or else you will be messed up.

  3. Punctuation marks
  4. This is what most students always fail to observe ad the repercussion in the long run is penalization. There are those common punctuation marks that you should not even forget to use such as the full stop for a long pause, comma for a short pause, question marks at the end of an interrogative statement and exclamation marks when surprised. Do not therefore let these simple things cost you marks.

  5. Spellings
  6. It is good that you observe spelling since if you write an incorrect spelling then you may give the word a totally new meaning. If you have a problem with spellings then it is good for you to carry a dictionary with you so that you can refer when given a customer essay service to write on.


  1. Alliteration
  2. This is the style of writing that involves repeating the initial consonant sound in two words that are following each other. An example of this is; the sick sisters. In this case the consonant S has been repeated in both words sister and sick. The importance of alliteration is to capture the attention of the reader and it also serves to give emphasis .Not only the consonant should be the same but also the sound.

  3. Metaphors
  4. This stylistic device is used to compare two things. You may be wondering then what are similes used for. Well, the function of these two is the same but the difference is that in similes, words like “like and as are used. An example is: My father is a lion. This means that father is harsh and we have directly compared him to a lion. If you go through samples provided by various essay paper writing service, you will notice that this is the most used stylistic device.

  5. Hyperboles
  6. This is when you deliberately exaggerate something. The importance of using hyperboles is to put emphasis on a given topic. For instance the most commonly used hyperbole is that I will give the whole world to you once you accept my offer. We all know that this is impossible and on a light note, if the whole world is given to you then where will some of us stay? If you however overuse a hyperbole, you may not get the desired effect.

  7. Onomatopoeia
  8. This is where the pronunciation of the given word imitates the sound produced. It is used to add oomph to your work. A good example is the bad sound that the frog makes. In a sentence, we would say that the frog croaked. Croak is similar to the sound a frog produces.