Need a great 1000 words essay? Discover the simple steps here

1000 is just a number. Do not be scared by the length of the words involved. Take your time and the writing process will be easier than you ever imagined. We shall be presenting seven simple steps that you can stick on to make the exercise easy for every student. Here we go!

  • Step One 
  • The assignment and make sure you understand what every word in the essay stands for. Getting to know what is involved in the assignment is the very first step to getting it right with the thousand-word essay.

  • Step Two
  • The next thing to do is to come up with a topic of your own that will serve as the guide to achieving the results that mattered. It is important to get a topic among the several options that are online that you are comfortable writing on. 

  • Step Three
  • After settling on the topic of your choice; you should make an extensive research on the topic through credible sources to get facts on the topic. You are dealing with an academic text here as against what obtains in fiction books; the seriousness that mattered should be put into consideration in dealing with this aspect of research.

  • Step Four
  • Though this category of essay is classified under the short form of writing; it is expected that you get it straight by putting in place a plan for the essay. Each paragraph should contain a point that will go on to buttress the thesis statement. Make a list of ideas that you plan to include in your essay in the plan.

  • Step Five
  • You can now write your essay with your plan in place. You can begin with the introduction which will form the basis of the body paragraphs of your essay and the conclusion. Another approach that you can take is to write the body of the essay first. You can now draw your introduction and conclusion from the body of your essay.

  • Step Six
  • There should be a steady flow between the points that you wanted to make. If you want to get the attention of your readers and earn the high grades, then you should ensure that there is a transition from one point to the other. The perfect use of transition words should be employed to achieve the results that call for cheer.

  • Step Seven
  • After you are through with your writing; it is best to put it aside and take some time off. Come back to it again and proofread your text to remove irrelevant words and include omitted lines. Proofreading your work to get rid of grammatical errors is necessary if you are to attract high grades. 

Polish your text and place it through a plagiarism checker to ensure that you are on the right track. Check the length of each paragraph and make sure there is consistency between them to remain within the 1000 words limit. 

Final thoughts

The 1000 words essay comes under the short category essays. The tips above have you completely covered.